“Support living artists! (the dead ones don’t need your money!” ~ Steven Hughes Purkey


Magickal Artifacts: those trinkets of love, found amongst rainbows & glittering gemstones & teeming with energy. You know, love baubles. Little doo-dads that bring a smile of joy to your face. Something lost but now found. Something made specifically for you. & then there’s mail love…that love you find when you open up your mailbox […]

One girl’s autumn list of goals to achieve throughout the autumn season. A personal list full of zines, psychotherapy & love.

A love letter to Ann-Marie

Dirty July #2: Christy by Melanie I put out a distress call in Zines A Go Go (a li’l zine group I started on Facebook) about losing my whole zine collection & that I was looking for anyone willing to send me theirs to start a new personal zine library. Melanie responded toute de suite […]

Looking at my last blog post, my last review, I groaned. Not only has it been more than 2 months (I aspired to write two a month at the beginning of the year) since my last post, but it was my serenade to Sage Adderley. I guess this gal just has a hold on my […]

Sage Adderley. She calls me her witchy sister & I melt. I call her the bee’s knees, & she is. If I had to pick a zine hero, it’d be Sage. Owner of Sweet Candy Distro & Press, zinester behind a plethora of perzines & comp zines & all types of zines aplenty, author of […]

How do you take it? 2014, issue #14 by Tasha “Oh my gosh.” It’s what I wrote on Tasha’s fb wall tonight. Tonight, after getting home from the mailbox (aka my parents’ house) where I’d picked up this gorgeous li’l package from Australia. (it’s now this morning & ‘tonight’ is now last night, but I’ll […]

After the enormous success & mucho fun to be had by all in January’s Micro Zine Swap, I’m hosting another exchange in March! I really just can’t help myself. & people from the micro zine swap wanted it. & there were others that didn’t put their name on the list in time last month that […]

A Substitute For Love (& Leon’s Farewell Mix) by Suemi Guerra Today marks the first day of LA Zine Week – next Sunday is LA Zine Fest! – & so I thought it’d be totes perfect to pay homage to all the great Los Angeles zinesters out there…well, at least one, that is. & she […]